What You Can Learn From a Professional Declutterer
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What You Can Learn From a Professional Declutterer

We all have moments where we don’t know where something is or we put something down for a minute and end up forgetting where you put it. This is all because of lack of organisation, too much clutter. A perfect solution is hiring a professional decluterrer to assist you with organising and decluttering anything from your home, office, wardrobe or storage cabinets.

Here are a few things the help of a Professional Declutterer will teach you. Although some of this advice is hardly new or shocking, having the support and guidance from an organising company can make the task of throwing things away a lot less overwhelming.

Organise Before You Buy

This is something that is self explanatory but makes a world of a difference. Avoiding purchasing new stuff before sorting out your own clutter is a step forward in decluttering as well as preventing clutter. Don’t go out and buy new storage units and supplies before you actually sit down and sort through your space. In most cases, excessive buying is what leads to having a cluttered room, so making sure that you realise what you already have and need is the first step before purchasing more.

Be Realistic

Decluttering may seem like an overwhelming and monotonous task that you want to get over and done with. Whilst that is the case with most people, realistically its going to take you more than a day to sort through everything you have. Avoid setting aside an entire day to organise your whole house. This will lead to frustration and more stress, which will result in you becoming less efficient and progress will seem like a myth. Instead dedicate a couple of hours a day to a specific space in your house or room. You will feel more motivated by doing so.

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Finish the Task Before Moving On

Hoping from one task to another can actually lead to a slowdown in progress. It also defeats the purpose of organising your possessions if you are not organised yourself. Focus on completing one task completely before moving onto the next. Not only will it feel more rewarding, but it will also give you peace of mind that you have been thorough in your work. Beginning by sorting your items out in piles of which you want to keep, give away, throw out or store is the best way to get a grip of what you actually need and don’t need.