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Home Insurance

Reasons Why Mobile Home Insurance Is Expensive

A lot of people fear that manufactured homes, or commonly referred to as mobile or park homes, will have skyrocketing insurance costs. They are definitely correct and more often than not, that prevents many people from buying manufactured homes because it is required to have mobile home insurance if you want to own one. On…

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4 Simple Ways To Save On Alabama Home Insurance.

Save 35% on Alabama Homeowners Insurance! Saving hundreds on Alabama Home Insurance is easy! There is no reason to overpay on Alabama home insurance if you use our process. It really is easy and doesn’t take much time either. Follow these 4 simple steps and start saving on Alabama Home Insurance. Get 4-6 rates from…

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Visit Your Broker Once A Year

When accidents happen or a storm hits the first thing on our mind is that you hope your home insurance will cover the damage. But what actually is covered and what you might think or hope is in many cases very different. When was the last time you had your insurance broker check if your…