Finding a Good General Contract Company made Easy
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Finding a Good General Contract Company made Easy

It should be really easy if you follow some guidelines carefully. These are what anyone would do to try and cover against most eventualities. While you hope for the best, you must cover for the worst when finding a good general contractor company. When you have a project to do anything with your home such as new construction, room additions or improving the general insulation, you need a general contractor. While it is possible to personally supervise sub-contractors to do the relevant parts of the work, it is always better to employ a general contractor who is experienced in the kind of project you have in mind.

Build a short-list of prospects

Start by finding some contractors that you think could do the job. An appropriate search on the net will give you a top-10 list easily. You can talk with people who have got similar work done recently. Check the business listing of your area. Making this list should be easy enough. Hard part is to check the antecedents and making sure you have good, reliable and dependable prospects on the list. The process of finding a contract company should start by this crucial verification phase. You should have at least three prospects on your list before the verification phase starts.

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Verify antecedents

If you are planning to get new construction done, you should visit some new developments the contractor has been involved with and talk to the business/home owners. If possible, walk through the project. While business owners may not have a problem with that, home owners may not like you invading their privacy. Get their opinion about the job anyway. For remodeling jobs, you should look at jobs that have been done some time ago. If the job was not done properly, problems show up after a while. Contractor’s license status, insurance status, etc., are a couple of other things that need to be checked.

Have a clear-cut contract

A clear statement of your requirements will get you the best possible quotes. Get quotes from all three prospects. Avoid anyone who is bidding way low for the job. The contract you draw up should clearly specify the work to be done and the duration for the same. Specify intermediate milestones and payments associated with them. Initial down payment should be low enough. Finally, hold about twenty percent of the payment until you have accepted the project and are happy with it. Finding a good general contractor for that new construction or room additions or kitchen remodeling project should not at all be difficult if you follow these simple rules.

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