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Why Unique Content is Important for SEO & Higher Search Engine Ranking?

Google’s latest update named as “Panda Update” has affected the world of low quality content farms that did not stick to quality parameters of Google. This update is decreasing the Search Engine Ranking of the sites which are having copied content from other websites. At the same time it is improving the Search Engine Ranking of the sites that are having high-quality unique content like research articles, reports and articles based on analysis.

With this recent “Panda Update,” it is clearly visible that Google is changing its algorithm to help towards the sites that have original or unique content.

However few good sites like eHow have also been affected by this update. eHow’s traffic has dropped drastically, because it carries the secondhand information of content, with excellent user experience than the original site of the content with the permission of content owners.

How to make Unique Content?
It is very important to have a WordPress blog which has been integrated into your website. Because, it is very easy to do Search Engine Optimization using few good Plug-ins. It is important to have a good looking blog them for better user experience. There are lot of Good looking themes & Plug-ins available in the internet for WordPress Blogs.

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Now you should add an original content which should not be present in any other blogs or forums or any kind of sites. It is always better to write an article from scratch. You can even look for good points in other sites also, but you should write it with some more inputs in your own way.

Why should Article Spinning be avoided?
Article spinning might be looking good and an easiest method to generate good articles for you. Article spinning means, if you give an article into an Article Spinning Software, it will change few words and phrases of an article and produce a different article almost with same meaning.

Now, Google’s algorithm can even find whether an article has been spun or not. Now, you cannot even use Article Directory articles. So, spinning an article is not even going to benefit you.

What is the need for Updating your Blog regularly with Fresh Content?
Most of the blogs are showing the published date of the blog posts. Google Spider always checks the last updated date of the blog first to find whether the blog has been updated recently or not. If the blog hasn’t been updated frequently with new articles, then the Google Spider won’t crawl the blog’s old contents too. Obviously users will also not return to your blog again.

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Basic things that you should remember to get Higher Search Engine Ranking are:

1. High quality unique content that can make readers to interact with.
2. Should update your blog regularly with some interesting Content.
3. Google is also considering internal linking for better SEO. So, it is advisable to have few internal linking between your blog posts, which could make the reader to stay more and explore other interesting contents of your website. Even external links to other sites will also be helpful for SEO.

Google is trying to give the best possible user experience. It is looking to provide fresh & best results to its users as much as possible.